Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Designers in Pakistan

The goal of sustainable fashion is to produce everything locally, use organic raw materials, minimize the production rate, provide decent working conditions for the laborers, and focusing more on recycling/up-cycling materials so that they may be consumed for a longer period. As that will help control the extra addition on carbon footprint; which can be decreased and the laborers or artisans working locally can be appreciated for their proud work. The rise in climate change is a deeply concerning matter for every nation these days as the production of carbon dioxide that is a greenhouse gas, which is affecting the atmosphere should be controlled and limited as without which grave danger will be faced.

In the fashion industry of Pakistan the top five brands which are working sustainably towards creating a better environment with their sustainable fashion businesses for the nation are:

Started as a slow fashion brand in 2019 by Waqar J khan, Nasheman is currently the only fashion brand which is working sustainably and ethically with the artisanal community in rural Pakistan. As every raw material which is used to make the product is organically produced being GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified and the first-ever vegan fashion brand in Pakistan to create an ethical impact for the future generations as well. The garments are all comfortably and contemporarily designed to make it seem timeless, as the crafts are all traditional weaving of Khais, Susi, and the up-cycling of post-consumer materials like Burlap (rice sack), ghost nets, and fabric scraps.

Founded in 2017, Namyr is a sustainable e-commerce fashion brand that’s started with producing high-fashion organic handmade products by the artisans from local community of Kailash (the inhabitants of this region have culture and tradition, which have long lasting history which is older than 300 BC). The materials through which the product is made are all organic and locally found so, the entire process is sustainable.

This is a sub-brand started by the fashion designer Misha Lakhani to empower the     artisans across Pakistan. The products are all handmade to keep the ancient artistic crafts alive through the future generations even in this time of modernity.

A Pakistani fashion designer who has previously worked with traditional crafts for her previous brand started this ethical fashion sub-brand to empower the refugee artisans supported by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in Pakistan. The age-old craft produces fashionable jewellery items which can be worn by women all over the world who want to get identified by their culture.

Today a well-known fashion brand in Pakistan, Koel started many years ago in a local workshop where the artisans developed their skill of craftsmanship through generations. Bilgrami took that initiative of identifying the craft of block printing using natural dyes globally and so far has been working with the same sustainable business strategy to create an individual identity for her brand with an ethical fashion impact.

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