Who are we?

Nasheman is an ethical slow fashion label founded by Waqar J Khan in 2019. The brand focuses on the preservation of crafts, where each garment is hand-crafted by artisans in rural communities across Pakistan. Through the use of organic materials, natural dyes and traditional techniques, we are one of the few providers of sustainable, contemporary fashion in Pakistan.

Why do we matter?

We believe that fashion should not only look good, but also be good. Embodying a slow fashion attitude, each garment is ethically designed to be functional, comfortable and most of all – timeless. Discover the stories behind our crafts and learn more about the ecological impact of our clothing.


We work with artisans across Pakistan in order to preserve forgotten crafts like Khais, Susi and Bori.


We use organic cotton that is naturally dyed and upcycle waste in 4 different ways using various materials.


Our fair-trade model ensures a living wage for our artisans whilst protecting their crafts from facing extinction.

Meet The Founder

Waqar is a sustainable fashion designer and social entrepreneur. He works on indigenous crafts and merges it with modern aesthetics to create beautifully crafted, ethical garments. He has studied sustainable fashion from University of Arts London and also worked on various projects through collaboration with other like-minded creatives, showcased at international shows including Neonyt in Berlin, and taken part in challenges by H&M and WWF.


Our United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

Our Supporters