Making Sustainable Fashion A Reality In Pakistan

Making Sustainable Fashion A Reality In Pakistan

In this post-modern era of fast fashion where climate change is a global threat, Nasheman has pioneered and taken the initiative to nest eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, while restoring the artisanal crafts of Pakistan. Waqar J Khan (founder of Nasheman) is passionate about representing the socio-cultural fashion of Pakistan through artisans from different regions and backgrounds.

Nasheman arranged a panel discussion about how damaging the denim manufacturer industry is to our environment, and how much we as individuals consume fast fashion. The venue for the workshop was nest i/o, where Nasheman had been incubated as a social startup, our three prestigious panelists Vardah Aziz (Actor, Model & Stylist) highlighted the infinitive raging urge of purchasing new clothes for every new event found in actors, media celebrities, and fashion icon to represent themselves as exclusive as much as possible no matter expensive it is. Amneh Sheikh (curator of WOW festival and founder of Polly and other stories) shared how proud she was of wearing one of her favorite outfits for the last 9 years at alternative events. Syeda Zheela (sustainable wardrobe stylist and counselor) stressed over that everyone needs to be comfortable with whatever they choose to wear regardless of whatever is trending and maintaining an exclusive signature style doesn’t need to be expensive or consumptive. This successful execution of the panel of discussion was moderated by Afia Salam, who has a strong background in environmentalism and journalism.

This whole new paradigm shift in Pakistan’s fast-fashion industry can make exponential economic growth for the craftsman in remote Interior Sindh, Punjab and as well as for Northern craftsman of Pakistan. Nasheman has highlighted an opportunity for Pakistani cultural fashion to be showcased internationally and promote a positive image of Pakistan.

At the end, Syeda Zheela conducted a styling workshop where she presented ideas about cost-effective styling; including upycling cushion cloth into a triple-layered sherwani, and restyle your grandmother’s old dress and still look stunning.

Last but not the least, It is just the beginning of a long journey for which Nasheman needed community support for which different start-ups showed up for help who are working differently to make Pakistan more sustainable and Eco-friendly. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our Eco-friendly co-leagues and event sponsors Code Green Pk, NOWPDP, Ohmyoil, Tiny Plants by Zoha, Tearack Official, and ECOPAK. Our food sponsors FLOC provided deli sandwiches and frothy coffee, scrumptious ODONUTs, and marketing sponsor Namkeen Sach.

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